Another fabulous review for Impulsion EP

"The main mix of “Impulsion” is an effervescent desert storm, cloaked in sharpening steel, a rolling hump-backed groove and the sort of percussive exoticism that’s almost guaranteed to set a dancefloor swaying. Stendec’s very earthly voice has a powerful tone, switching languages from one phrase to the next with a deft assurance that speaks volumes for multicultural cross-pollination, just as Podmore’s grooves bring in influences from far and wide...."

Download and Mailorder via Bandcamp


5th Remix of PSY004 available now.
INKY BLACKNESS gently brings guitars and the harmonium to the table...

Hairy Slipper, Wrong Revolution, Kumo and Bastard Status remixes still available


=NEW RELEASE= 17/7/17 REASON STENDEC: IMPULSION EP is ON SALE NOW! 12” Vinyl and download available via bandcamp and Lobster theremin distribution “…This new EP matches that sense of mystery by unexpectedly commencing with a heartfelt, even spiritual vocal that quivers and emotes after an introductory chant as the glistening backdrop swells with